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About the company

"All sides of emotions" 
The group of companies "MAY" was founded in 2010 … Stop-stop-stop! It sounds as "Far away" … Let's say it in a different way. The history of the company should answer the questions "when?", "who?", "how?" and contain different interesting things and numbers.

Let's try: In spring 2010 three persons who had already shown and proved themselves at event-sphere of different levels: from making an anniversary, the organization of weddings, corporate parties to large celebrations and concerts, decided to come to the new level and to organize the company which would be close to their ideals. The first difficulty they had met – the choice of the name.

"As you will call the boat"... Lots of variants have been offered. Somebody tried to find deep meaning, somebody wanted to construct amusing play on words, others didn't make account of it at all, suggesting to call the company just in honor of a month in which it is formed. As a result, the name "MAY" was accepted by the strong-willed decision. There are different opinions whose strong-willed decision was it. After that both play on words and deep meaning in this name was found. "MAY" - an embodiment of new, fresh, wave of emotions which are caused by spring in everyone's soul. "МАЙ" - from English "my" means "Мой", everyone will find here "his", what will be pleasant personally to him.

Whether the successful name has played a role or it was entirely the merit of experience and the authority of founders, but the first project was large and mass. The Day of the City, 15 000 people on the one platform, the organization of a performance of the Boney M group! The successful start has called the tune for the whole activity.

During its existence "MAY" (information for February, 2014) has organized 191 corporate and more than 1200 private occasions. The staff of group of companies has spent on platforms of the organization of events 9500 hours. Today "MAY" is a team of the professionals who are ready for the most complicated challenges and non-standard versions of their decision.

We work only with the best entertainers, videographers, photographers, actors, animators, musicians of Rostov-on-Don. We are ready to give full support of the occasion and make it "on a turn-key basis". The organization of thematic weddings and corporate parties, anniversaries and birthday parties, children's parties, the presentations and team buildings, concerts of Russian and foreign stars — all of these we can not only organize, but organized repeatedly.

Practice has shown that during the weekend "MAY" can organize 34 different events in 8 cities of Russia. And it is not a limit. "MAY" is a confidence that your occasion will be unique and will present to everybody only positive emotions … All sides of emotions.